As with automatic variables, these values are only available within the context of a target’s recipe (and in other target-specific assignments). Other use of variables from the environment is not recommended. This is against the whole purpose of most makefiles.

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  • Firing the weapon also breaks walls that are near your character.
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  • The targetsfoo.c and foo.out do not match that pattern.
  • The target-pattern and prereq-patterns say how to compute the prerequisites of each target.

How the backslash/newline is interpreted depends on your shell. If the first character of the next line after the backslash/newline is the recipe prefix character (a tab by default; see Special Variables), then that character is removed. One of the few ways in which make does interpret recipes is checking for a backslash just before the newline. As in normal makefile syntax, a single logical recipe line can be split into multiple physical lines in the makefile by placing a backslash before each newline.

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‘infodir’The directory for installing the Info files for this package. By default, it should be /usr/local/share/info, but it should be written as $/info. (If you are using Autoconf, write it as ‘@infodir@’.) infodir is separate fromdocdir for compatibility with existing practice. ‘docdir’The directory for installing documentation files for this package.

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