Welcome to the Careline Shop – the dedicated online store for telecare, healthcare and security products.

Our products are designed to help people remain independent and safe in their own home as well as providing peace of mind for those that care for them. We stock a full range of Telecare pendants, sensors, and stand alone telecare alarms. We have sourced the most reliable products from the most trustworthy manufacturers such as Supra, CareTech, Tynetec and Tunstall. These are particularly useful if you wish for a loved one to have an alarm without a monitoring service.

Our Supra C500 is the only Police approved Keysafe that carries the LPS1175 accreditation. This is ideal if you require the emergency services or others to be able to gain immediate access to your home when given the code . The Supra C500 the only Keysafe that is approved by insurance companies and will not affect your insurance premiums . We supply to individuals and organisations such as the NHS, Social Services, Occupational Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals.

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